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Looking great! :D

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Yes I will for sure be selling the current Ed 8 to partly fund the LE version, if I go that route.  I just can't get out of my head how nice those would look next to my Leben CS300X...

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Based on Latest articles on the net. All state the price for ED8LE (Edition 8 Limited Edition) will be $1699 same as ED8P (Edition 8 Palladium).


Now why wasn't the Hard case included for the Palladium buyers?


The Edition 8 Limited headphones have a MSRP of $1699 and will be available in June at www.ultrasone.com and high-end audio retailers worldwide (stated by most of the latest articles on net).

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I see HF sponsor soundearphones.com has them up on their website...for $1,999.  So I am not ready to jump on that just yet...

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Ow. Definitely can't afford these :S

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Soundearphones sometimes has 10-15% off sitewide sales. If you sign up for their newsletter the discount can go up to 20%. That would knock a hefty portion off the price of those Ultrasones for you, Skylab.

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Very nice looking!  I ordered a pair...I must be nuts...

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Yes very, very nice, but that is one cliff I'm not jumping off

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My Edition 8 Limited finally arrived the other day. I originally had the Ruthenium, but decided to sell it and pre-order this instead. Is it worth the extra $500? I personally think so.









It's hard to capture in photos, but the finish is a luxurious matte version of the Ruthenium finish. It's not as brushed looking at the Palladium version. It's more of a smooth foggy look... it's almost luminous. Looks like metal velvet.


The case these come in is absolutely gorgeous. The leather on it is the same as the leather on the ear pads and headband. It's kind of hard to see in the pictures, but there is stitching all around it that reminds me of the L3000 stitching. You also get a key to lock the case if you are paranoid or have little kids or something. Just don't lose it!


All in all, very impressive results from Ultrasone.

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I have seen these babies in person. They are very, very nice looking indeed. Muppetface's photos are not doing them justice at all. The case is supremely crafted. Quite the sweet package, Muppetface. Congrats!

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I'm going to try get #888, and auction it off 8 years after it's released.

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Don't you need money for that =P

Originally Posted by Trysaeder View Post

I'm going to try get #888, and auction it off 8 years after it's released.

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Very nice, Muppetface!  Mine have also arrived, but they are at my house in Chicago, and I am at a hotel in Boston   I will get to "meet" them tonight.

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