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Actually yes; I have the 650 cord which really makes the bass and drums come forward on the Sennheisers, whereas even though there is not a bass deficiency on the Ed-8's, it's just too balanced and I think I really prefer more upfront slam that I get on the 25-1's. For example I like to listen to the first two songs on the Jeff Healy "A Mess of Blues" album, and I just don't get the same feeling that like, I have to stop what I'm doing and just listen to the music because it sounds so good, like I feel with the 25-1's.


I'm on the fence on whether to keep or return the Edition 8's because I'm not sure how much I will prefer to listen to them. But they are the most comfortable set that don't press my glasses against my head. Like I said, I need encouragement to keep them. I did a search last week but didn't notice any review from you (I did think I found one short review from someone), although I did notice your comment that you think they are your best closed headphone (hope I got that right!).

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Yep - they are my second favorite of all the headphones I currently own, second only to the Beyer T1.  I personally think they are light years ahead of the 25-1 (which I owned for years).  But that is JMO - YMMV.  The key is to listen to what YOU enjoy - who cares what anyone else thinks.  If you prefer the 25-1 - sell the Ed 8!

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Wow, those look freakin awesome indeed!

I wonder how they sound...


Any news on a price yet?

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Probably the same as the other 2 models which means very, very good. Price translated from yen comes to about $2,300

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The real question for me is - will it even be offered in the USA?  They are not for sale on Ultrasone's Germany e-store (just the existing 2 Ed 8's).

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I don't think they are on sale now. They said it will be released in summer.

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Ahhhh...OK, thanks.  So I will cool my jets and save my nickles

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Can you link to that?

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See if this link works... 


See? I told everyone electronics cost more in Japan.  But it's still 2 T1's at US pricing I understand 

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My ALO cabled received this morning, guess wouldn't buy the limited ed8 in quite a while. Will start to burn them in now.

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You know that headphones for outdoor use are fashion accessories, right?

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That's just silly.  First they raise the MSRP by $200 for a "special edition" Palladium version.  Now they decide to raise it by a whopping $800 simply because they title it "limited edition", give it a different color leather, and engrave the word limited inside the ear cup swivel piece where no one will ever see it?  I honestly despise companies that engage in practices like this to sell their regular products at inflated prices.  No changes where it counts sonically, just externally, and you want an additional $800 for them?


I'm sure there is no coincidence with the price hike either.  Edition 8, 888 units, $800 in crease in MSRP.  Yawn.


edit: Timbre, keep your HD25s. They sound great, they're more durable and not prone to fingerprints or scratches. They're the type of headphone that lasts a decade, while the Ed.8 will look like sh*t within a year or two.

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I've never tried an Ultrasone 8...but somehow, I don't think we'll be seeing obscenely gorgeous, extinct hardwoods or pads made with alpaca scrotal sacs. 


And too bad that Ultrasone uses wood for accents alone; they've always prided themselves on using molded plastic everywhere - especially when it comes to showing off their logo.

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Originally Posted by Ypoknons View Post

See if this link works... 


See? I told everyone electronics cost more in Japan.  But it's still 2 T1's at US pricing I understand 

It did, thanks.  Still not sure if I will jump or not...

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Skylab, if you will, I call dibs on your current ed. 8 

Originally Posted by Skylab View Post

It did, thanks.  Still not sure if I will jump or not...

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