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I think the first production run of the ruthenium was 1000 units but neither it nor the palladium version is supposed to be limited edition

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They look nice but the price is insane¡

hey its my 880th post,too bad bad its not my 888th post (:

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At first I bought Ruthenium ED8 because that was the only one in market. Then comes palladium to the market. I thought ruthenium was too shiny and a fingerprint magnet. Therefore bought the Palladium edition (So much better looking IMO. Very elegant and not too shiny). Palladium is still a fingerprint magnet, but much less than compared to the rutenium edition. The limited edition looks very similar to the ruthenium edition (based on pictures), but looks to brownish. I agree with subtle that its just retarded for a firm to sell same headphone in 3 styles with 3 extreme prices. A point to be noted is I got Rutenium edition after it was in market for about 5 months and my SN was 161, and then got palladium 2 days after it releases and that was 187. I really don't know if they are even able to sell over 500 units of each (ruthenium or palladium) and now comes up with Limited edition.


PS: My Palladium was a defective unit, and stop working after 2 days. Ultrasone in California has made me wait for 2 months for the parts to come in from germany so they can fix it. They will receive the parrts this week and then I can get it fixed. Kinda of ridiculous in my opinion for a $1700 headphone to be defective.  Starting to lose patience on Ultrasone........ Just my opinion and throwing it out there.

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If the asking price is in fact $2,300, then I will pass.  I'd like the wood accents.  But not $2,300 badly. (I don't think...)

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Am i the only one who finds the brown and glossy metal color mixture disgusting? I greatly prefer the original one.

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I don´t like the headband and earpads. Poo coloured why is that cool?

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They're gorgeous, just like the rest of the ED8s. To be honest, I'm absolutely shocked we haven't seen pictures of celebrities walking around in ED8s.


Now who wants to lend me the money?

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Originally Posted by jyle_t View Post

Am i the only one who finds the brown and glossy metal color mixture disgusting? I greatly prefer the original one.

Yeah I prefer the Ruthenium version as well though the Palladium version is not bad.

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Limited edition:

limited edition












I prefer Palladium edition. The wood doesn't look too apealing in limited edition. 



Looks like hard case will be included for the limited editon (and a color manual). Please note it in the following picture:

limited edition case



 Note ruthenium edition is in in the "Madras" leather case....... Look at the hard case behind the hand

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yes , i love it 

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Now that's a bit more class than how the original comes, alway did dissapoint me a bit given the price

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Codescripted, thanks for the pics.  Where did you get them?  Do you know if they are available for sale anywhere in the US?  TIA heart

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Oh no! Now I have to marry rich. 

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I posted the pic from the link provided by (pekingduck) in Post #1 of this forum.



The last picture is from the link provided by (pekingduck) in Post #9 of this forum.



I just noticed limited edition forum thread yesterday, so I honestly do not konw anything about it other than just what I see in the pictures. I also don't see any information on http://www.edition-headphones.com/ (ultrasone edition 8 official website). I guess Ultrasone will release more information soon....




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$600 for little bit of wood and a box, bargin lol! Maybe gold or diamond accent next?

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