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"The netbook market is being devoured by the Apple iPad"

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Evidently iPads are now mainstream, and netbooks are going "niche".


Morgan Stanley has issued a new report to their clients that shows the impact of the iPad and other tablets on the broader gadget market — and it looks like the netbook growth curve is "falling off into oblivion". As the netbook market was already operating within an environment of heavy competition and slim margins, I would have to agree that Apple has successfully ushered in the new era of tablet computing, with the market following right along. Ironically, the next product for the iPad to cannibalize is the iPod touch, followed by e-book readers.






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Thurrot says it much better than I ever could; here.

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Evidently netbook sales grow decelerated since October with one peak at year end, 6 months before the iPad. Another Apple hyping BS piece from one of Jobs' tools.

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The iPad is terrible.  I'm waiting on a slate that runs Win7.  Because that means I can probably run OSX/Linux aswell.  Then I'll have what the iPad should've been.  <_<




My Apple hate is in full force lately.  Computers twice as expensive as their suitable counterparts, iPad really disappointing the power user crowd, and the fanboys still willing to die at Steve Jobs feet for the next terrible device marketted really well.  I was hopeful for the Macbook refresh, it's just overpriced junk.  Hopeful for the iPad, overpriced junk again.  And too many can't see it.

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In their defense, Apple has sold one million iPads just four weeks or 36,000 iPads every day since it's release, making its introduction well over twice as successful as the iPhone. So hats off to Apple, but that is indeed only a slice of total netbook sales, predicted to be well over 30 million in 2010.


But a third of that market is still over twice the 15% penetration Apple currently enjoys in the overall PC market.


I wonder if the new Adobe/Google Android tablet (out later this year) will be as successful? Projections show that together with the iPad, they will combine to "command 75% of the tablet market", whatever that means. It will obviously run Flash, and probably have a USB port as well. Let the games (literally) begin!


Personally, I can't justify an iPad at the moment even though it sounds like fun; it does have me second-guessing my desire to get an iPod Touch however. Currently I am waiting for my new HP TouchSmart TX2Z, which I find to be a much more suitable tablet for my mobile computing needs, even if the "touch" part isn't quite as "smart":


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I can't figure out what it can do (that my iPhone can't). Sure it has a larger screen, but that touch keyboard is worthless for any demanding work, it doesn't have Flash support, it's barely portable. I really don't get the fascination with it, but I know of so many people who have one or are saving up for one. Don't get me wrong, I love Apple products, but they are really overpriced for what they do. But for the most part, they are the first to introduce amazing electronics (i.e. iPhone)...and they are really easy to use...


FWIW, I'm typing this on my netbook...With a 10.1" screen, 3 lb weight, 160GB HDD, it's more than enough for portable use...

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There's lots of tablets in the pipeline.  I'm just waiting for one with a 1.6ghz Atom with ION2 gfx running Win7.  Which I should see by Q4.  And for $399.  I don't really understand why anyone would want a tablet with a phone interface on it.  It's a big phone that can't call out, instead of a small computer.  I'm a fan of WebOS and Android, but, I don't see eithers viability as a tablet.


Apple wasn't the first on anything.  The MP3 player was done, and better initially, by Creative.  The touch phone, HTC.  They just have a really good marketing/legal department, and know how to work it so they draw people in.  (IE: Secrecy, hype, reveal.)  This hype and marketing lead to their AppStore being a place of interest for bigger companies (placed right when the old PalmOS was dying), which is now their major draw.  (And only valid selling point IMO.)

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