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Headphone festival Spring 2010 in Tokyo

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Japanese headphones show, Headphone festival Spring 2010 will take place on May 8th (Saturday).
No reservation is required, free of charge.

Here is a PV by host Fujiya-Avic.

+ YouTube Video

Here is a link to the event page(Japanese).

My sixth sense tell you there would be some surprises

I will have my personal booth and I will bring Head Direct HE5 and EF5 as well as HD800 with piccolino balanced cable/Headroom desktop balanced. The name of my booth is "Music To Go".

This time, CEntrance will join in too to bring their DACport portable USB DAC.

Time: May 8th(Sat), 11:00-17:30

Place: Nakano Sun-Plaza hotel, Tokyo. 15th floor.

The nearest station is JR Nakano station. (JR: Japan Rail)
Take orange or yellow colored JR train from Shinjyuku station for Kudari direction. Kudari means downward(away) from the heart of Tokyo.
The orange train stops at limited stations and the next station is Nakano, this is faster.
The yellow train stops at every station and the third station is Nakano. (for yellow train , there is a station which name is higashi-nakano(east-Nakano), be careful)
You can also take subway, blue colored Toh-zai line(East-west line), get off at Nakano and this station is shared with JR.
In either case, take the north exit of Nakano station and turn immediately to the right, then you will see a tall white building, that is the Nakano Sun-Plaza. Enter from the front entrance and proceed to the right, there are elevators to bring you up, get off at 15th floor.
All the 15th floor is dedicated to the show.

This is a trade show rather, but local headphone fans will get togeather. There is a networking area at the lobby.
Come and join us!
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Hi Sasaki! I'm a beginner and hoping to learn a lot more from someone like yourself as I am also residing in Tokyo so I'm looking forward to visiting your booth at the show.
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Hi Sasaki,

Again, it will take a miracle for me to get up to Tokyo for the event. Someday!

Please try to get some information from the kind people at Fostex about their unreleased high end woody headphones. I am very anxiously waiting for the release and hoping it has a similar signature to the D7000s but with technical strengths of HD800s!

Have fun at the show and enjoy the last few hours of GW!

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Sorry I'm going to miss this event as well.  I hope sometime this year we can have a Japanese Head-fiers' meet in Osaka or Tokyo.

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I'm randomly in Tokyo for the weekend and hope to drop by. Would be great to see how everyone is doing.
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a meet early June would be great ..(sorry being selfish but will be there end of may-early june...)

but seriously, will be moving back to japan next year, so I hope to meet you guys and have a meet in the future..


btw, i second the fostex's ipod amp Sasaki. please update us on any new info you get. 

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Thank you all !

I will post show updates on my twitter.



Jason! long time no see you :)

Now Tokyo headfiers are not grouped like your time.

We have to think Tokyo based headfiers should be get together and be re-grouped.

After that, we can arrange Tokyo(Japan?) headfi meet like Currawong said.


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Hi,  I will be visiting Japan on May 22nd for a week or two after a business trip to Guam.   Do you have any suggestions as to where I can shop around for some nice headphone gear at good prices (Stax?) as well as tubes, etc. while I'm there?   Also, good used gear would be fine, as long as it is in great shape.   I'm also looking for accessories, like mini-speaker stands, etc.   It would be fun to visit various shops over there and not just one shop.





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The last show in the fall was outstanding. Wish I could also attend this one.


Hope you have your Wadia working this time SasakiSan!! devil



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Hi Alex,

Have a look on my previous post here please.


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Hi Rob,


I threw it away :)

Now I bring my computer audio gears with Apple Mac Air.

This is far reliable.

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Sorry I was so busy so I could not post any twitter..the show was so great. More people came to see gears.


As for Fostex portable, I posted pictures in this thread.



Click thumbnails to enlarge (links corrected).



HE5LE, Headroom desktop, Mac Air(Amarra) STAX, Head Direct EF5, Phasetech HD-7A(USB DAC)  A video reporter wears HE5LE


Highlight of my booth is Head-Direct new HE5LE and EF5. She wears HE5LE.


Michael Goodman and his DACport   Wilson of Jaben, Rudi   Rudi's new MD1


Michael Goodman of DACport, Wilson(Jaben) and Rudi has come to join us.

Rudi brought his new Titunus MD1 that is a dynamic open type high-end can. The price would be around US$1000. Available in a month or so. Sounded very transparent.


Bayer t50p


This is Bayer t50p. I think this is also nice little can.

Edited by Sasaki - 5/8/10 at 10:49pm
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thanks Sasaki for the update. 

so the t50p sounds nice?

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Yes t50p sounded very sharp and tight. But just I managed to try it only short moment.

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Those rudis look like modded grados?


Looks like it was a fun event.

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