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I never thought I would buy a "high-end" headphone amp, but the V100 seems to be a good combination of price and performance. For those who don't know the V100 is made by Violectric, the consumer division of German pro audio company Lake People. It's a ~$700 solid state amp with 5 pre-gain settings (-4, 2, 8, 14, 20), balanced inputs, 2 headphone outs, and plenty of power for almost any headphone. 640mw at 600 ohms and 2100mw at 100 ohms are pretty good numbers. I'm aware amp manufacturers can fudge power numbers, but Lake People seems like a respectable company. I don't have the means to audition amps, so I gotta go on specs and reviews. Perhaps I'm being stupid, but I really don't know any better.

Anyway this amp can drive any normal headphone, and it's waaaaay cheaper than competitors. The Auditor is $1000, BCL is $1100, M902 is $1600, and Corda Sympony is $1100. I'm sure the head-fi patricians will tell me exactly why the V100 is a terrible choice though ...