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It's been four days that I have had the joy of owning a rockboxed Clip+.

My opinions haven't changed all that much. I prefer this player with rockbox and no EQ implemented for the most part while using my UE-10's. The sound is phenomenal and I can see this as my final go-to player until it dies or I upgrade to a new Clip+ in the future.

Now my quest turns to finding a perfect portable amp to go with my Clip+. What about my Hornet you may Hornet was stolen a few weeks back. I have searched high and low with no results. I did have a few acquaintances over before it went missing so I put 1 and 1 together and that left me with nothing in terms of portable amps.

So on I go in a quest to finding a nice portable amp to match my Clip+. I shall report back once I find something I love.