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So I've been selling off old gear and miscellaneous whatevers to fund upgrading and what not. So far I sold my thinkpad and moved to a macbook, (due to size and battery life) I also picked up a 24inch external monitor, it's lovely, but I maybe feeling buyers remorse, we'll see, I'll give it a few more days. I have my iPod and amp listed for sale, if the ipod doesn't sell, I wouldn't be heartbroken by any stretch of the imagination. I just upgraded the HDD to 240gb and picked up new panels for it. So if it doesn't sell, I'm not stuck with something I don't want. The amp, needs to go, I ordered a protector to go with the IEMs I have failed to order because I'm stuck on a color decision. I sound like a women. But it's not like they can be traded or sold real easily. I intend to keep these for at least the few years before my ears grow out of them. I'm also wanting to trade my a5s for a set of a2 Audioengines. Strictly for size only. I should get some speaker stands, but my apartment is pretty small and I'm sitting on top of my speakers most of the time, so they aren't living up to their full potential by any means, not to mention my new monitor sucking up space on my desk. So it's a bit crowded and hard to do homework. I still have a lot more to get rid of, funny how it works, you want to break free of your belongings and when you do so, you end up with the means to get more crap, so the cycle repeats. I'm wondering if I'll have buyers remorse about the new amp? It can be sold, so it's not too much of an issue. That's about it. For now.