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How much do you reckon the cheapest balanced headphone amp would be? What if I said under $100? Yes, that's right, sunneebear has built what is possibly the world's cheapest balanced headphone amp using two cheap headphone amp kits.

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Raytheon JAN6418 Valve (Tube) Preamplifier / Headphone Amp Kit

I saw this awhile back but never had the guts to try. Well I finally pulled the trigger for two and the kits arrived yesterday. Well long story short, got it soldered up, set up two together for balance, burned in for 12 hrs. and I have to say maybe the best amp I've heard so far. It may just be the balance set up but man I'm loving it.

For under $100: two kits, XLRs, cheap chassis and viola, battery powered, transportable, balance tube amp.

Two Problem I ran into. Need more tube dampeners these little tubes ring like tuning forks from hell, high pitch but low volume. May need a metal chassis because I am picking up interference.

As you can see the board and the tubes are very small.