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Recently, RSA has announced their portable balanced amp this has been long awaited by many. (including me)
In the meantime almost same time, iBasso has also announced the portable balanced amp.
Looking around over Japan, here is also OJI portable balanced amp.
Ort-cloud portable balanced amp.

The diversity is not a bad thing but the problem is the actual status that the cable mount plug is not unified.

As for full-size balanced amp, there was Headroom black-head which was the only balanced amp at that time. So the two XLR plug was the de-facto standard of the balanced amp.
The black-head was compounded with two stereo amp bodies so the plug need two separated plugs. This is a historical reason so rethink of the plug termination to fit the smaller body is not a bad thing too. But anyway the cable plug should be unified or we can not share the headphones. Especially for portable amp fanatics who has many amps like me.

I hope any manufactures that now thinking to make another portable balanced amp to follow any of these existing ones.

An intermediate universal plug with RSA type male/female would be another good solution I think. Now my reference portable amp is Hifiman 801 so I still need single-ended mini plug anyway.