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Finally HD800 is out here in Japan. The wait was long but this is well worth it.

I use Headroom Balanced desktop with single-ended.
Soundwise, first I noticed music instruments tones are fairly realistic. I also noticed vocalists stand at a good distance from me, not very far, not too close.
After some listen to the songs, I realise the spacial presentation is exceptional that I never heard of. This is not only wide but I'd say it is vast.. This is a 3D experience.

I took a listen to album Officium which is fairly popular collaboration of chorus and sax. The chorus voices expand into the vast space of church .. yes I don't know where it's recorded but I saw large church there and I was there. The church was filled with many reflexions of chorus voices. The sharp sound of Saxophone cut into the holy space.
All the sound tones are placed at the right place, with a right distance. This is holographic and well separated.

HD800 delivers realistic tones with accurate localisation of music instruments. That sound tones are detailed, well textured. Listening to some 96/24 songs are exciting experience, it is exceptional.
The sound is coherent over the entire frequency, neutral and flat. Seems like the HD800 is a headphone for Jazz and classical, but HD800 is also good for Rock and Pops, as it's fast and tight, punchy to my ears.
Frequency balance is very nice too, but the bass is a bit lighter. Some may have complaint about it.

HD800 sounded natural, smooth and life-like.
Is HD800 analytical? I don't think so. HD800 is not cold nor dry. The music from HD800 is involving and lively. Not much warm like other Senns but have a good touch of temperature in it. HD800 delivers a good musicality as well.

The sound signature difference to HD650 is obvious. Think about the number, this is 800, not 700. That number suggests this flagship model is a step beyond.
Don't get me wrong, I do not say HD650 is no longer useless. Some may prefer HD650 better as it is warmer and more intimate. Just different.
I think HD800 is not an extension of HD650. HD800 is a totally new product for the people who thinks "enough good is never enough".