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Singapore based company Jaben recently released their latest IEM, Quattro at US$88 include shipping.

Quattro features a unique bass port changeable parts to change sound signature.
You will have three bass ports comes with the package.
#3 is the most sharp and crisp, flat and clear. Good for Jazz or Classical.
#2 is a good balanced of the three.
#1 is huge bass and overall dynamic sound but bloated. Could be good for hip-hop or heavy rock.

The sound change by the port is noticeable.
I recommend you to start with #3 first and if you feel the bass is not sufficient for your taste, you can change port to #2 then #1.

With #3, the sound is much detailed, tight and crisp. the bass could be a bit light depending on your DAP/amp, but the lower-end is deep and well extended. I'd say the Quattro has a good wide frequency range for the single driver.

I thought Quattro is a single balanced-armature IEM at first, as the sound is detailed and the shape is sleek. But actually Quattro employs a dynamic driver which is only 7mm across. Fitting is also good by the small diameter.

Burnt-in would be helpful to bring out the performance of Quattro.
Thanks to the lower efficiency, Quattro is also good for some amps with noisy(not black) background.

I think Quattro is unique and fun, also have a good performance for the price.