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A good news to Japan based headfiers, a distributor Mixwave now carries Ken's ALO product into Japanese market!
You no longer have to buy them via over the sea, just take a train to the Nakano Fujiya avic or other audio stores.
First they brought SXC Cryo 18G, SXC 22G, OCC cryo 22G and Double mini3 amp.
SXC Cryo 18G/22G
OCC Cryo 22G

ALO audio home page:

The SXC Cryo is a fast,tight and sharper sounding cable, on the other hand the OCC is warmer and musical. As for the two SXC, 18G is thicker than 22G and the thicker cable is generally sounding better but less flexible. It's your choice.
For example, I prefer the westone ES3X hooked up with the SR71A and CryoXSilver (former equivalent to OCC). For UE11, P51 and SXC Cryo is my preference. So it depends.
ALO double mini3 and SXC cable

Double mini3 is based on the acclaimed AMB mini3. Ken makes this good amp design even better with support of Vinnie from RWA. I tried a demo amp, but that's a shame I have not heard the original mini3 design so I can not say how it improves from the original. You can search posts from the forum.
However, I can say this amp is of dynamic and musical. Warm, upfront and punchy. Very good match to ESW9 or 10. D-mini3 delivers delicate neuance of musical very well, like texture of instruments or breathing of vocal.
I have a bunch of Ken's cables and I have Vinnie's Sig30 as well. I feel the same musical essence from them.
This may be a good intermediate amp as well as it could be a good second amp for experts.