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The show is close and I got some updates.

Here is a link to the official page (Japanese)

The highlight of the show is HD800 Japan premiere event. The even will begin at 11:30.
Three pairs will be available for hands-on demo, one is for Sennheiser Japan and the others are at the distributor booth (Kanjitsu and Mace) However, they are available after the premiere event.

Another highlight is, very new westone UM3X and UM56, regarding this the demo is limited so you will need a reservation to audition for these new IEM.
The distributer is called as Mixwave, the tickets would be provided at the bigining of the show (though not sure where to go..).

Kanjitsu Denki which is a distributor of PS Audio will exhibit new PWT CD-transport and UltraLink DAC. This is another cutting edge audio source player in this new era.

Klipsh shows PS4 budget IEM and Fostex is newly entries to the show.
The new generation USB DAC Ayre QB-6 that is CES is available in the distributor Fulen Cordinate.

There is plenty to see and more to come.
Tokyo based headfiers, don't miss it