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The P-51 sound quality impression over the last week was really marvelous. Even I used P-51 mainly in a commuter train, it provides uncanny musical performance.
Through the use, I found UE-11 is a fairly good match to the P-51, also I hooked it up with iMod5.5G and Ken's new ALO SXC iMod LOD as a mate. This combo is really a Killer.

I'd say the UE-11 is hard to drive. Yes, UE-11 is low impedance IEM and it has high efficiency, thus easy to get enough sound pressure level even with a tiny MP3 player. However, the impedance of UE-11 is too much low actually and the efficiency is extremely high, if an amp has less black background, it mudden the overall sound. if an amp provides only poor current, the bass become boomy and the sound is totally bloated.
I found the P-51 has fairly blacker background, almost no noise. P-51 provide high-current output which is twice of the Tomahawk. This tighten up and sharpen up the sound of UE11.
I was amazed that my UE-11 sounds so articulate and crisp. You may say the bass must be heavy with this combo, but the bass from P51 is not boomy and it is well resolved. I would call this a good quality bass, a heavy in a good way.

P-51 is a punchier amp, the attack and the impact has much weight for the tiny size. This made the UE-11 sounds so dynamic.
Seems like the P-51 is less warmer than other RSA amps but I still feel it is a Ray Samuels sound. When comparing to Move or Xin, it is obvious.

This P51 and UE11 combo is truly an awesome setup since the whole system can be hidden in a coat pocket, though the sound quality has no compromise. I've tried ESW10JPN as well and I think this also be a nice combo, however I prefer the UE11 compact setup that reminds me of David and Goliath legend.

Another plus is that P-51 battery life lasts so long. I did not measure it exactly, but it easily beyond whole two days.
Bob Hoover's "Ole Yeller" Mustang

Remember the "real" North American P-51D Mustang was a long range fighter, so it was used as an escort fighter for bomber wings.
Real Mustangs are still working for Reno air racers that proves they are a top performer in a small aircraft world.
So the "Mustang" is a good naming for this new small marvelous from RSA.