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Japan headphone festival 2008 fall

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*click picture to enlarge

http://vaiopocket.up.seesaa.net/imag...thumbnail2.jpg http://vaiopocket.up.seesaa.net/imag...thumbnail2.jpg

This show is hosted by Fujiya avic which is well known among headfiers.

This is the only Japanese exhibition oriented for headphone audio. The show has two aspects, one is a trade show for distributers and manufactures ,the other aspect is a meet for Japanese headphone comunity. There is a separate comunity area to get togeather and freely talk.


As a headphone fanatic, I had a personal booth to exhibit several unique products.


This time, I got some demo samples from Ken's ALO and Fang's Head-direct, so I displayed them and I got many positive responses.
I hope this would be a good bridge to both headfi world and Japanese headphone world.

Anyway I was so busy with it, I did not have time to look around other booth. Only I tried is NuForce Icon mobile. This is a compact budget amp but sounding full and tight, good for the money.


I already made a post for Edition8 on the portable forum(here),
Here is some additional pictures from the show.

*Photos courtesy of Fujiya-avic.
link to the Fujiya-avic blog(Japanese)


*Lehmann Audio - Rheinlander
This is a compact and budget version of Black linear cube


*Intercity MSA-1/MSA-1S
This is a improved version of HD-1L which is a popular Japanese headphone amp.


*Style audio Opera
This is a brother of Sleek wireless.


*CEC HD53N (left)
HD53N employs balanced output.


I will update later when I got some info.

Next show will be take place on the next Spring.
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Thanks for taking the time and sharing pics with us Sasaki! The table in the third photo looks like pure bananas, it's like a headphone orgy. Having a pair myself, it pains me to see the ESW10's just sitting there in that pile not getting any love

Say, how are the ESW10's being received by the headphone community in Japan? Some here on head-fi are saying they're the new king of portables. That is quite the complement! Have you been hearing that kind of praise from your colleagues? It's always nice to hear what people are thinking about new gear.
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Thank you for the comment.
I think it's the same here, ESW10 is the king of portables.
E8 is coming to take over but I think ESW10 has its own strength on the warm sounding.
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Wow what an awesome show. Thanks for keeping up with the pics!

BTW, Sasaki, did you get to try the XB series at all from sony that you posted earlier. I've been interested in some REALLy bassy cans and they do look comfortable.
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I've tried SONY XB700 for only short time. XB is a bassy can, admittedly a big bass but it is bloated.
XB is not a hifi can by any means, highs and mids are not crisp nor defined. Obviously it is not for Jazz nor classic but it would be a good match to hip-hop, heavy metal or the like. The comfort was good.

Headfier nina san has a Japanese review on his Japanese blog. You can find pics here.
Nina's Garden:SONY MDR-XB700
Have a look or contact him for further info.
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