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This coming weekend, the headphones show 2008 fall will be take place at Nakano, Tokyo.
The show is hosted by Fujiya-Avic store and this is a trade show rather, but we will have a community area so this is also a meet. I will have a separate booth that is shared with my friends. I will bring Ken's ALO SXC cables and Fang's YUIN gears as well as my iTransport and Audioengine 2. My booth is titled as "Music to Go".

Date: November 16th, Sunday
Time: 11:00 - 17:30

Place: Nakano Sun-Plaza building, 15th floor. All the 15th floor rooms are dedicated to the show.
*The nearest station is JR Nakano station. (JR: Japan Rail)
Take orange or yellow colored JR train from Shinjyuku station. The orange one stops at limited stations and the next station is Nakano, this is faster. The yellow train stops on every station and the third station is Nakano. (in case of yellow train , there is a station which name is higashi-nakano, don't confuse)
Take the north exit of Nakano station and turn immediately to the right, then you will see a tall white building, that is the Nakano Sun-Plaza. Enter from the front entrance and proceed to the right, there are elevators to bring you up.
Fairly convenient from the heart of Tokyo.

No reservation is required, free of charge.
Sennheiser, Ultrasone, STAX, Audio Technica and more to come.
Some imports distributors speak English.

Here is a report from the last show Spring 2008.
(written in Japanese but many pictures here)

In the bottom right picture, the left man who is passing a balanced CD3000 to the aged person is me. The aged person is a notable Japanese audio reviewer Okihiko Sugano. I hope they realize the headphones audio.

In add, something new is coming to the show to be revealed.
Shh! don't tell this to anyone

Come and join us!