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Sleek wireless

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I got my Sleek wireless W1.
My sleek is a custom one but no problem to install the plug.


On the first look, the build quality of W1 is very nice. I use this Sleek wireless with amped iPod and iPhone 3G.


The transmission quality is amazing. To my surprise, no difference to wired. The W1 add some extra bass as Jason stated so. This is nice as well.
I've tried ety8 last year but Sleek is way better.


However, the noise that others are mentioned is small but noticeable, this is only major drawback I found.
At first I thought iPod dock connector of proto-type is better, but mini plug is easy to hook up with portable amps and I don't have to bother about the iPhone compatibility. So this is ok.

Now I am inclined to try Sennheiser MX W1 too. Kleer is that good.
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Does using a HP amp make as much difference as it does with regular wired headphones? I imagine that using the line out of an iPod would, but how about with another source?
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