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This time, I tried my iMod on the demo iTransport.
I was worrying about if the iMod(5.5G) would work with iTransport, as iMod has been something altered around the dock wiring.
I tried it finally and I 've confirmed the iMod works with iTransport
.. HOWEVER it works under the limitation of 5.5G.

iPhone works flawlessly on the iTransport except the annoying warning. UI works perfect.
However, iPod 5.5G lost control once it hooked up with iTransport. Instead, neat Wadia logo appears on the screen.
This means you have to pull it out to change tracks and albums. In add, you have to wait several seconds to "authenticate" before start songs. This is clumsy.

As for SQ, iPhone is somewhat better than iPod5.5G, sound is more sharp and tight. Not by much but noticeable.
later I got my friend's iPod classic and compared it to my iPod 5.5G(iMod), the classic is a bit better but the difference is subtle.

Anyway, seems like the iPhone is the best iPod to combined with iTransport