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I 've finally auditioned Wadia iTransport at Fujiya-Avic store Nakano,Tokyo.
This is a pre-production demo unit, I think.

I tested for iPhone 3G compatibility with that unit, though iTransport does not support iPhone officially.
When I hooked up the iPhone to the iTransport, I got a similar warning message as the LOD compatibility. Like "iPhone does not support this device bra bra bra would you like to enter the airplane mode?"
So I just ignored that and press NO to the dialog.
iPhone works perfectly with the iTransport. I did not notice any further issues.

I hooked up the iTransport with Grace m902 and Edition9 to audition. The Grace m902 is a professional monitoring DAC/amp and so popular among Japanese headphone fans. The Grace m902 works as a DAC and amp for edition9.
The m902 is a good match to iTransport for the size.

As for sound quality, I was amazed by its clarity and sharpness. Just stunning, I can't believe that sound comes from the cell phone
The iTransport sounding a bit thin and it lacks some richness but considering the price, it's unbeatable.

I can't wait to get mine.