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I went to see Yabusame horse back archery at Mishima shrine. Mishima is located almost one hour west of Tokyo.
We are experiencing a very very hot summer in these days, but this Sunday was heavy cloudy. That condition was comfortable to see the event but difficult for take moving subjects as an exposure is severe.
Camera is EOS-1Ds MkII, EF24-105/4 IS. I used ISO800 but even though I use high ISO, I was forced to use wide open aperture.
Click pictures to enlarge.

I used a motion blur technique to represent a speed of Yabusame archery.

Just been hit the target! The target is made from pottery.
The stuffs beside the target are judges.

This photo was taken near the guest seat(always town governor). In a closer look, the shooter bow his head and he also pull his left foot out from the stirrup.
This shows a sign of a respect to the guest. When they demonstrate Yabusame to US president, they pulled both of his feet from the stirrups to show the highest regards.

Mishima is famous for eel dishes. We Japanese like eels very much but good eels are expensive.
This dish costs 3100 yen. (this shot is iPhone 3G)