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Can Jam '08: I'm really looking forward to this.

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To say the least, the last couple of weeks has been rather busy for me. As if to make me pay for the fun I'm about to have at Can Jam '08, the task demons struck a last-minute blow to my pre-Can-Jam rest-up plans. I was working last night until about 0400, went to the kitchen to get a glass of water before finally going to bed, but dropped the glass on the counter from a good height; and the glass did its best Death-Star-explosion imitation, shooting shards and bits from one end of the kitchen to the other. Doh. Out came the flashlights to help me spot the sharp, glimmering debris. Out came the vacuum. The cleanup lasted just shy of two hours, as I kept finding glass debris in virtually every nook and cranny I checked--it was just a half-pint pub glass, but almost two hours in and I was starting to wonder if I dropped and shattered the entire Chihuly ceiling display at Bellagio.

The vacuum woke my three-year-old son up repeatedly, and he apparently enjoyed watching me work from a safe distance, as he kept getting out of bed to come and watch me no matter how many times I put him back in bed (I'm not going to lie and say I didn't enjoy his company, and his typical fusillade of questions about everything--kids have such fun, refreshing views of our world). All of this, by the way, and I never did drink a glass of water before going to bed for what ended up being little more than a couple of hours of sleep, which I ebbed into as the sun was about to crest my east.

We rarely use an alarm clock in my house, as there's a regular, dependable household morning rhythm--we generally wake up when our son wakes up. Here's the rub: The staying-up-with-Dad routine had our son sleeping in later than usual, which had my wife sleeping in later than usual, and, my wife being my alarm clock when my son doen't manage to wake me, I ended up sleeping later than I'd intended. I hadn't even finished packing yet--and I still had some work to do. Double-doh!

Anyway, already-long-story short, my wife and son rushed me to the airport, where I barely made it in time for my scheduled flight time--which ended up being delayed anyway. No worries there--that's what portable rigs and BlackBerries are for. In addition to catching up with colleagues on the BlackBerry, I had a brief instant-message exchange with Head-Fi'er jgonino, which was a nice segue to where I'm on my way to now--hundreds of miles somewhere ahead, and approximately 33,000 feet down, is a growing gathering of like-minded audio geeks from all over the place. And we're going to listen to some groovy gear by a bunch of exhibiting Members of the Trade, homemade gear by DIY'ers, and shared rigs that many of us are toting with us. (With the exception of the Wadia 170 iTransport and Trends Audio UD-10.1, I've pretty much limited what I'm toting to portable gear, in the off-chance I have to go straight to another place for reasons of business after Can Jam '08 ends on Sunday.)

My Can Jam '08 started at the airport. My Can Jam '08 is in its own personal full swing as I listen to Yo La Tengo and Explosions in the Sky while being, well, way up in the sky (please, no explosions, though). Great music-->Apple iPod Classic 160-->CablePro iPod dock cable-->Ray Samuels Audio Predator-->Ultimate Ears UE-11, and I'm a happy man. And the best parts of our Can Jam '08 are still ahead, and I can't wait. I fully intend to roll around in audio goodness like a pig in mud for the next 48 hours.

Thanks to the exceptional Can Jam '08 organization team, led by tyrion, for the gift that's now upon us. If I didn't already say it, "Woohoo!"
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