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NuForce Icon-1 arrived

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I bought a new desktop small amplifier NuForce Icon-1.


NuForce is a high-end digital amp manufacture and they are known for its high performance proprietary Class D amp technology. it produce amazing damping factor of 4000. This means the amp has great driveability and control ability for speakers.

Here is their web page, follow the menu products -> Icon.

Icon-1 is their first consumer entry with a good price tag that is $250($199 for intro).

In addition to the high performance at a good price, Icon-1 has many features. USB DAC, Pre out and headphone amp.
Especially for HeadFier, Icon-1 has a decent discrete headphone amp. NuForce is also preparing their IEM for $79 estimated.
They also mentioned the Icon Mobile which is battery powered amp in the next year .. this could be similar to iQube??

One of unique aspects of the Icon-1 is the implementation of speaker cables. Icon employs CAT5 (100base-T) network cable for the speaker connection.

http://vaiopocket.up.seesaa.net/imag...thumbnail2.jpg http://vaiopocket.up.seesaa.net/imag...thumbnail2.jpg

NuForce will launch companion desktop speaker S-1. S-1 has a similar RJ45 port and when connected via the CAT5 cable with Icon-1, an equalization network will be activated. Normally the cross over network is implemented in the speaker but for this combo seems like the Icon-1(amp side) has a built-in cross-over like circuit and S-1 has not. I am not so sure about this approach but quite interesting.

For sonic impression, I wrote a user review on the amazon.com. Please refer to that.

This amazon.com is actually a pre-sale. I heard the regular sale will begin from the 25th of April.
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Awesome looking photos! What do you use as a background when taking your pictures?
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I just use a simple wooden board.
But this kind of photographic accessory would be recommended for more serious photo.

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have you been able to try this with the k1000? although I'm under the impression it needs additional equipment...
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you are right, it needs adapter to hook up the k1000.

This would be a help.
NuForce RJ45CX (silver) | Nuforce Online

In addition, you will nedd a 45w power supply to enhance peak power for K1000.
NuForce Icon 42W PSU | Nuforce Online
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