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Using your head!!

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Part Two: Using your own head!

As mentioned before in part one, one way to record binaural sound is by using your own head.

This is as easy as putting one omni-directional microphone behind or near each ear. Usually the weight of the microphones should be enough to hold them in place but should they not want to stay in place, you can secure them with a paper clip or with some tape.

The best thing about this method is that they are in stealth mode. They are hard to spot and the microphones tend to be so small that most people won't even notice they are on your head.

The other good thing about this is that you don't need a dummy head! All you need is your head, the microphones and a recorder.

So, how do the recordings sound like? Here are a few I did using my head.

ALL RECORDINGS DONE BY ME AND ARE NOT FOR SALE! Feel free to distribute them freely. The recording chain is as follows: Microphones placed on top of ears -> various gain settings -> Belkin iPOD voice recorder -> iPod -> Remastering software -> YOU.

Jet flying directly overhead. Facing plane with jet going front to back.

Jet flying directly overhead from left to right.

Here are some I recorded while at Disneyland.

The Disneyland Railroad arrives and passes by before boarding.

Going from Disneyland Main Street Station to New Orleans Square - Notice how going through a tunnel affects the sound. Also notice that when the train arrives, there is a telegraph office behind me.

Waiting at the Star Tours Spaceport


The previous recordings were recorded by me and in all of them, my head was stationary - that is - it did not move.

On these recordings, my head was moving due to walking or being on a moving platform that moved from side to side.

Bathroom Break

Walking Through An Arcade

The Haunted Mansion WARNING: VERY DYNAMIC!!!

As you can hear - using this simple approach produces very nice results. I must admit that I had a lot of fun doing this.

The negative aspect is that you really can't monitor your own recordings. Thus, you have to guess what gain settings to use. Also, you can't eat, drink, cough or talk to anyone.

In the next article, we shall make and use a Jecklin disc.
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I've used Sonic Studio's DSM-6's for recording while monitoring w/ molded IEM's. Sensaphonics makes a model that can be used for both recording and monitoring at the same time, very expensive though.

Looking down by tilting your head at your mixer/recorder also effects the recording so just look w/ eyes or have a good feel for the controls.

If your outside wind protection is a consideration.

Finally, if you want to record your voice as part of the exercise just know that your voice will sound much louder than the other person so you have to project more softly to even it out, as if you were talking to yourself. Also consider the S/N ratio of background environment. Nevertheless, binaural is an art form.
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The links don't seem to work ??/
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Yeah sorry. These were posted a long, long time ago. The download links expired.
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