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A Japanese audio manufacture Musica has announced a balanced headphone amp HP200B. I think this is the first balanced headphone amp which is made in Japan.

Musica is an amplifier manufacture and their home page is here.
Musica has been producing good headphone amps since three years ago. This early January, Musica has already announced their new line of headphone amps HPA1000 and HP200 , I guess the HP200B is balanced version of HP200(almost 90000 yen in street price).

Here is a pic of HP200B. HP200B is placed on the top of Rudistor RPX100. The headphone on the left is a balanced Ultrasone Edition9.

Back side picture.

I took a brief listen on a demo model at the Fujiya Avic. The HP200B shares the same sound signature to the HP200 basically, I think. HP200B add more power and spacious soundstage to the HP200. It would improve further to the final production model.
Fujiya avic already carries Headroom maxed balanced and Rudistor NX33 and RPX1000 balanced amps. so this is a new addition.

Speaking of balanced headphones, Fujiya avic carries Edition9 balanced, GS-1000 balanced and RS-1 balanced. The GS1000 balanced and the GS-1 balanced are imported from Grado lab and the cable is same to GS1000/GS-1 stock one. Just two stock cables are combined for the two XLR connector.
The Edition9 balanced has a complete different cable from the stock edition9, it employs German company made cable and it also enhances the SQ as well as the balanced effect. This modification is provided from official Ultrasone distributor Timelord.
In addition, they carries Moon audio (needless to say, Drew's company) cables and they are able to import Silver dragon balanced or Blue dragon balanced after market cables for HD650.

I was told the HP200B would sell around 150000 yen, but not determined yet. Expected released date would be coming March.