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Merry Christmas To You (The Christmas Song)

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Indeed. Merry Christmas to all of you who so much as glance at these words.

Indeed, the Christmas Song (in its many interpretations) does put one in the mood for the Christmas season.

I am sure there are hundreds of different versions but the one I LOVE and remember most tenderly is by Nat King Cole.

I am sure many of you agree. However, the surprising question for many would be "What Nat King Cole version do you prefer?"

WHAT?! There is more than one!

Yes, yes...there is more than one version of The Christmas Song by Nat King Cole. In fact, there are 4 versions I know of.

Nat King Cole recorded this for the first time in 1946 with his group The Nat King Cole Trio. Apparently, Nat King Cole wasn’t happy with the first recording so the record company had them re-record it with a string section. This second version is probably the second most played.

Nat King Cole recorded it again in 1953 in MONO with Nelson Riddle conducting. If I recall correctly, Capitol Records released this version sometime in 1960 and this version became a gold record. It was a major hit for Nat King Cole. However, it was re-recorded in 1961 using Nelson Riddle’s arrangement but WITHOUT Nelson Riddle and released in 1962. This last version is the one that gets the most air play over the holidays now. THIS PISSES ME OFF.

I know what your thinking…”LFF, don’t be a grinch! It’s the holidays! Enjoy Nat and be happy!”

Well – before you continue – let me explain why. If you have ever picked up a 1950’s Capitol Grey Label LP in MONO (especially from Frank Sinatra catalog) then you know that Capitol managed to get some AMAZING sound from their records and artists. Most people I chat with agree that Capitol had that Golden Age sound from 1953 – 1960. If you want proof – try to obtain the 1953 recording of “The Christmas Song” by Nat King Cole and you’ll see. This is the version that became the hit. This is the version that has that special Golden Age sound. This is the version that I love. This is the version that is OOP and extremely hard to get a hold of. This is the version that no one plays anymore. This pisses me off.

Here we have a wonderful song, with wonderful sound and it is nearly impossible to find and when you do find it – it has usually been no-noised and/or badly remastered.

So why do I write this – well – just to let my fellow holiday music lovers know that there are other versions and that one of them is really worth seeking out.

“But LFF, you said it was OOP!” Yeah. On CD! There is always vinyl…..AND YOUTUBE!

I hope all of you have a Very Merry Christmas!
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Merry Christmas! I'm enjoying your remastered tunes.

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