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My Desert Brother, Chris Caracci, and his wife Kelli, made the Las Vegas Channel 8 News today, when the station covered their Ba'cho Nowhidee Wildlife Sanctuary, sanctuary to many animals, most of them wolves.

Some of the guys here that follow special ops and tactical training may be familiar with Chris as "C.J. Caracci," as, in the tactical circles, he is well known for designing and endorsing tactical gear, as well as for his tactical training courses and videos, all stemming from his background in law enforcement, security, and his time with Navy SEAL Teams One and Six. He has also served as the head of major event security for boxer Oscar De La Hoya for the last several years, in addition to his full-time work as head of corporate security for a well-known Nevada company.

But it's his work with his wife Kelli at the Ba'cho Nowhidee Wildlife Sanctuary that may be his biggest passion, as they've both devoted their lives (and pretty much their life savings) to the care of animals in need of sanctuary (again, primarily wolves).

Last year, I traveled with Chris to western Michigan to pick up some wolves who needed sanctuary, and we drove them to the airport, where Chris, almost entirely at his expense, flew the wolves back to their Ba'cho Nowhidee Wildlife Sanctuary in Pahrump, Nevada, where Chris and Kelli have built the facilities there with their own blood, sweat and money.

I consider Chris one of my dearest friends--again, my Desert Brother (and I his Arctic Brother)--and I also adore his lovely wife Kelli; and I'm glad to see a news outlet covering their sanctuary and work, as it deserves more exposure and the help of others. I've seen few people dedicated to anything as passionately as these two are to caring for these animals.

Please visit the Ba'cho Nowhidee Wildlife Sanctuary website, where you can see photos of many of the animals, learn more about what they do there, and there's also a link to a donation page, as they are in need of support.