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A feature that allows our community Members to blog is something I've wanted to see implemented here for a long time. Last year, we looked into some options intended to integrate with vBulletin (the forum software that Head-Fi uses), but weren't thrilled with what we'd seen. When I saw that vBulletin was testing their own, vBulletin-fully-integrated version, I was thrilled. Well, it was finally released, and now it's a part of

Yes, we can now blog here at Head-Fi!

I'll say more later, and will be blogging regularly. But, right now, I have to familiarize myself with the administrative portion of this new blogging functionality, and look at possible template adjustments and optimizations for the blogging environment here.

For those of you who discover the blogging functionality before I officially announce it, start blogging away!

By the way, a big-time thanks to Allan (Head-Fi'er "heyimallan") for updating our software and installing the blogging functionality. Thanks, Allan!