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If the Earmax is anything like the MGHead then I guess it would be OK but I've really no idea as I've no experience with the MGHead. If you think they are similar and in your opinion the Earmax is a bit or a whole lot better than the MGHead, then it would be a pretty safe bet. The Headmaster presents a totally different sound from both the Earmax and MGHead. One which is brighter (although this is debatable) and is more picky about its source partner. Partner it with a bright source and that's what you'll get. Partner with a warm and dark source, that's what you'll get too. SumB wasn't kidding when he says that the Headmaster will extract the most detail from the source. It is not forgiving of bad sources and plays it like it is. If you can live with lesser details and like a tubey sound without having a tubey player, then best if you stick to a tube amp. The only way to really know is to audition, audition, audition. If it helps, I'm known to like a bright sound (not too bright!) but I don't tolerate harshness. A warm sound is also welcomed but not a dark one. Your preferences may differ.
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I am sorry, but, I don't know what the Headmaster is. Who makes it and how much does it cost.

I have Sennheiser HD600s and am afraid of buying the Creek. I like a bright British sound. I was looking at the Corda and the Headroom Little more Power. Does anyone know where I can audition all 3? What of the three is the best?

Appreciate the help.
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you can order the little and the creek risk free from Headroom (www.headphone.com). The corda is only available from Meier audio, if i'm not mistaken. I've found Headroom's products to have a bit more emphasis on the lower mids and bass rather than crystal clear and open mids and highs. This is less apparant with their more expensive stuff (it seems). They intentionally roll off the highs which emphasizes the bass and mid bass a bit more. (i personally don't like that about them, but whatever).

the crossfeed is great, though. well, except for the treble roll off when you flip the switch. (they have a filter which only partly compensates IMHO).

The headmaster is made by a british company called sugden. it's a minimalist preamp/headphone amp thats supposed to be very clear, crisp and transparant
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Thanks a ton XXXhalberstromXXX,

So, if I like clean, "airy" highs, - it sounds like the Corda or the Sugden Headmaster is for me? I just looked around and saw that the Headmaster is a bit pricey.

And, it doesn't look like it has the crossfeed circuit. Perhaps the Corda?

Oh well,

Thanks again,
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sordidman, it does seem that you would like the sound of the Corda over the Headroom amps. Their crossfeed is excellent too, with no rolled off highs or boosted bass. Its also a lot cheaper than the Headmaster.
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Actually if I hadn't got myself the Headmaster, I would have seriously considered the Corda. However for looks alone, the Headmaster beats the others to a pulp (debatable this). Built like a tank. A knight in shining armor. The Sugden can also be used as a pre-amp (and a good one at that! 3 inputs!) thus counting for the higher price. Personally I wish all headphone amps has the option to become a pre-amp. It would extend its usefulness when the user is ready to jump into the speaker world. Trust me. The pre-amp makes a difference!

OK. Don't trust me. Trust your ears.
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I totally agree. The Headmaster is a beauty. My two negatives are that it doesn't have the "cross field" design and its price.
Is it $700 +?

The Corda also has negatives though, in that it uses batteries and looks plastic and cheap.

I don't want to tie up a lot of cash in something that I'll only listen to part of the time.

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markl, you said the Earmax Pro was the best amp you've owned. From your profile it looks like you got rid of it and replaced it with the MicroZOTL. I am curious about this because I am thinking of getting the ZOTL and wondering if you have any regrets. Also, I remember that on HeadWize you mentioned what tubes you liked on the ZOTL, but since Headwize is still down maybe you could comment again on that.

Masz, your right, the Headmaster is one classy looking piece of equipment.
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sordidman, the Corda has a metal case, metal knobs, a fairly thick faceplate and is AC powered with a well designed power supply...maybe you're thinking of Jan's upcoming portable amp.
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Thanks for setting me straight KurtW.

I just saw what I saw on Meier site. Is that the portable one?
I don't know where I read that the Corda was only battery powered. I am glad that it is also not plastic!!!

Thanks again.
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The amp on the Meier website is the Corda with the metal case, etc. The picture doesn't quite do it justice. He doesn't have a picture of the back, but the detachable AC cord (which doesn't come with the unit) connects near the blue toroidal power transformer. The red wire disconnects the power for safety reasons when it's out of the case.
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What's that? You think the earmax's better? Oh, you dont care...okay...

P.S. I'm just kidding.
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Anyone know where I can buy the Headmaster?

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Kurt W,
If you have a pair of HD600s, the Earmax Pro is by a wide margin my recommendation. If you plan on "experimenting" with lots of phones with different impedences, it may not be the wisest choice.

I sold the Earmax Pro to pay for the ZOTL. In combination with the HD600, it's a little on the dull side. Switching the 12AT7's to Sylvania Gold Brand really helped (I also used those tubes in the Earmax Pro and recommend them highly). The ZOTL and the Sony CD3000 are a better match sonically, as the ZOTL softens their sound slightly and removes any metallic edge those phones may have.

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