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Who Vs. Led Zeppelin

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Vote for your fave
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EXTREMELY tough call, but I'm gonna go with Zep.
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O baby its 50-50
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zep was deeper musically imo, but the who had some good stuff too.
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What about both????

I consider the Led Zeppelin musicians a lot more talented and better formed and more virtuous (with maybe the exception of the Ox, John Entwistle, RIP) Jimmy Page is one of the best guitar players of all times, but I like both and I consider both bands top on their respective genres, and even though, The Who's music is at the same level as the Led Zeppelin's one, to say the least. So I will not vote, unless I can vote for both....
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I think that The Who were more talented than Led zeppelin, yet zepp had a very unique sound that i think enthralls us all
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Great poll!

I like the Who just slightly more than Zeppelin. Who gets bonus points for the amazing studio work, Zeppelin gets bonus points for the amazing guitar work.

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Never saw the Who live was lucky to see Led Zeppelin 3 times so they got my vote based on that.
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damn, i just tied the poll at 7-7. i voted for zeppelin. can't argue with "rock n roll" and "battle of evermore", imo.
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My two favorite bands . . . I can't vote.
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the who: kept going after keith died.

led zep: called it quits after john died.

since musically they are neck and neck, i'll go with zep for the respect factor.
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i voted for the who. i think they simply had a more varied and interesting output than zep. from the mod days of my generation, to the birth of rock opera with tommy, to power rock with who's next, to new wave with it's hard. i think the who sell out is the greatest concept album of all time.

i like zep's early work, though. zep II is amazing.

anyone else find it weird that Cadillac is using led zep in their commercials . man, those baby boomers must be getting old . . .
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I've broken the 50-50 tie with a vote for The Who. As much as I like Led Zepplin, I don't believe that they have turned out an album the likes of Live at Leeds, Quadrophenia, or especially Who's Next. That's not meant to be a slam...I mean, who has?

(pun intended, btw)
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I've brought it back to 50-50. I never got the Who thing. They did earn my respect over the years, but Zepplin was the first concert I ever saw and it openend a whole new world of live music for me. GO 1971
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I really like them both but a small nod goes to Zep. But it is a tough call
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