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Dissapointed in Ultrasone HFI-680 headphones

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I recieved my new Ultrasone HFI-680 headphones today and am at best, disappointed. I came from some Sony MDR-XB700's and am just amazed at how much worse the 680's sound. Less bass and everything just sounds empty and hollow. The Sony's were lovely and warm sounding. I'm not sure what to do really. I'm currently playing around with the impendance settings on my amp, but it seems to do nowt.


Any idea what's going on here?

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Give them 50+ hours of pink noise and report back. heart

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Will do, I will leave them playing over for a while. I must say though, the mid to high freqs are much crisper and tasty! Just the bass that slightly disappoints. I'm going to try medium impendance now. It's annoying as little dot just states low, medium 1, medium 2 and high as opposed to a figure!

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Hi Alex,


I'm using HFi680 more that 8 months (I'm not Uls fanatic thosad), I need more than 300hrs to get it settled. Bass should be there and perhaps it's most natural cans among HFi 580 & Hfi 780, I used monstrous Hfi 780 before .


I did burn in process using all Flac songs in my play list. Once it's settled, Not recommended, if you like to remove the hazy layered sound- you can do small surgery and remove small PCB inside left pad and do Y shape re-cable.


Cheers, just my 2 centangle

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Thanks you the input. I will give them time. I'm not much into modding really, so i'd rather leave that out. I'm starting to enjoy these nice detailed highs.

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ummm.... is it possible you're just used to a very bass heavy sound from the XB700's? I've spent a little time with the XB700's and if you look at the freq charts they're one of the most bass heavy headphones out there. Give the Ultrasones a chance, maybe you'll end up liking that signature a bit more later? 

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And sure amp will do help, it's very revealing and detailed and indeed after it settled, I still need time not to complain whether i'd like to have a critical listening or not broken heart

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Wow, there is bass. There is a ton of bass. It's just... different. I put in the Ultrasone reference CD and played the track called "Also Sprach Zarathustra, Staccato 2, Nr. 12 (R. Strauss, Opus 30).flac" and my lord, the first minute where you hear the stupidly low organ frequency was amazing. I had to take my headphones off as I thought it was a low flying plane vibrating my room. Simply amazing!

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Glad you like them. Yep, Ultrasones have amazing bass. indecision

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They will get better in time, the wide soundstage and mids are great specially with guitar music. 

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wait until 300hrs or more, you'll like it more :-)


(300hrs of serious burn-in NOT daily listening)

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