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When advanced searching by name...

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Good job with the new site!  I'm still getting used to it, but it looks good overall.  There's one feature I miss already, and I don't know if it's been mentioned yet.  I saw that "more options for search" was on the list of things to fix, but I don't know if this specific issue is there, so here it is:


When advanced searching by name, you used to be able to select if you wanted to find posts started by the user or just by that user at all.  I used to search my own name every day with a blank search term in order to find all posts that I had posted in (and not necessarily started), and the results would show posts that I had posted in that had been updated since my last login (you could see that they were bolded in the results list).  I could then go to the latest post in the new threads by clicking the arrow next to the post name.  Now with the new search, if I do a normal search by name, it seems to only search threads that I've actually started.  I can get it to find any post I've posted in by choosing to search "posts only" instead of "entire site", however the results in this case will not tell me if there have been new posts in the thread since my last log in.


I'm not sure if it's possible to "fix" this, but it was a nice way for me to keep track fo threads I've contributed to, without subscribing to every single one.


Just something to look into if you have time!



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Thanks for the great description--extremely helpful in pulling out solid suggestions.


I definitely think we have some room to improve the advanced search, to be clearer, as well as well as to provide more options for drilling down into what you're looking for.


Enhancements here might not be immediate, but we're definitely keeping close track of the suggestions and factoring them into the new stuff we tweak and roll out in the coming months.

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