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Headphone that sounds like JH13?

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This may sound ignorant/rediculous or whatever to some ppl but... 


suggestions anyone? btw i had the T1 & D7000, and IMO they are far from it. I hope i don't see a O2 pop up, that would require a total revamp of what i have now.

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HAD the T1?  HAD the D7000?

and neither of those was good enough for you?

i'm just trying to be a samaritan and reply to this thread. 


but, dude, you've got the greatest IEMs in the world (arguably) and are asking a bunch of guys which full-size headphones sound like them?


short answer:  none.


maybe there's a dynamic out there, but i seriously doubt it.


the next step without going electrostat would be orthodynamic i suppose.

read up on the HE5-LE. 



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Jyle! What about building your home rig around the JH13 instead? 


I haven't auditioned the higher end cans (T1, HD800, Stax O2 etc) but from what I've been reading to make a sonic leap from the JH13 your only option might be the O2 or the HD800 possibly. Not too sure gotta hear from the gurus around here. But for FWIW I think you should consider building a home rig for your JH13. Then I can decide if I want to as well 


I see you've sold you're T1 on the Jaben boards. Blimey I wanted to grab it alas, gotta keep me funds for the incoming JH13/16.


Good luck on your quest bro!

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To the OP, do what I did. Get the HiFiMAN and RSA Protector and use them both as a portable and home setup. When you hear this sound you wouldn't want to upgrade anymore. heart

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Hm, this thread is meaningless, there aren't really that many choices left actually. I'll think abt it myself, sry if my question is offending anyone. 

Btw, i'm not saying T1 and D7000 are inferior or anything, its a different sound that, over time, i don't adore as much. I'm just looking around for sth that possibly sounds like JH13, because i don't really want to wear IEMs all the time, would like some cushion comfort occasionally.


thanks for the suggestions.

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Also not the same sound but I have setteled with the Ed8 as home phone and JH13 as travel phone and really enjoy both

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The closest thing I've heard to the JH13 is my Stax OII/HeadAmp BHSE combo, as there are some overall similarities primarily in the clarity throughout, balance in the frequency response, holographic soundstage, and impulse response. Sure there are some discrepancies but it's almost surreal how similar they sound considering the usual contrasts between completely different headphones.

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