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Search Results order

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Congrats on the upgrade, it looks good!


Regarding functionality, I've noticed that when doing a search the default sorting order for the results is by relevance. That's different from the old behavior. It's not necessarily a bad thing, but for the FS/FT forums I think it is. When I'm doing a search over there I'm interested in the latest offerings/requests. Seeing a For Sale topic from 2007 on the first page of the search results is of no value to me, the item is probably long gone by now.


I hope we can return to the "last posting date" order, at least on that area of the forum.


Another issue is "my" avatar. I'm not sure if this is related to "Some avatars are missing" but mine is... well not mine. I didn't have an avatar before so I'm not sure why I have one now.

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x2!!  I just noticed this and it is extremely annoying seeing threads from 2003 pop up on the first page of results in a FS forum....

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We do now require avatars so for users who didn't have them, they got a randomly assigned one (most of those being photos I took and put in my Flickr account). But you can upload your own image right from your user profile. Just click "My Profile" and you'll see a "Replace Image" button below your current iQube image.


For the search order, we're working on some enhancements in the coming weeks which will allow you to sort more easily on last posting date. Keep an eye out for that and we'll keep you updated as we roll out new updates.

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