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Ads need sorting!!

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First off, congrats on the new site.


I'm sure there will be as many opinions about it as there are users....I know there was a comment about things being too white, but personally I love the new simple and clear feel to everything.


I also love the new big search box stuck up at the top there.



Couple of negatives though -


1) Adverts.

I know that these are inevitable and will be an important source of income that keeps the site free for all us punters - but do we really have to have 4 areas of the page dedicated to the exact same Google ads?! One lot is more than sufficent thak you...the more you push it in my face the less likely I am to click on those links.


Why that horrid red and coffee colours as background to google ads? seems totally not in keeping with the nice new pristine site design.


Also why so big? they take up a lot of "real estate" on the page...looks about a third of the width of a page in my browser


Will there be an option in the future for users to dontate and remove ads like there are on other similar forums to this one?



2) FAQ

Great, but would be better with a link up the top somewhere rather than hidden between the Google ads!





oh....and did I mention those darn google ads?!?!?! ;)




Keep up the good work, its apprecaited really! :)




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Thanks for the comments and suggestions. We're still getting our non-Google ad partners in place but hopefully soon you'll be seeing at least more Head-Fi relevant stuff. There will once again be the option to opt out of most ads via one of the contributor options. We're still ironing out the details, but that will be in place soon.

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If the ads aren't related to Head-fi, then you're seeing the generic Google ads which are automatically shown if there's nothing relevant to show.  It takes Google a day or so to stop showing those.

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sort of related, but not sure whether this warrants a new post or not.


the google ads and some other stuff show over on the right sidebar.  any chance we could have the side bar collapsable? I don't necessarily want to see "What users want" and "Reviews" there when I'm reading PM or a thread, as it creates a lot of extra unwanted space on the page and the info you are reading cannot go to full width of the browser window



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