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Too much "wasted" space, and too much white. - Page 3  

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This new layout is a seriously big change!  I had no issue with the old one... who did?  In all honesty, I enjoy this less the more I use it.  Please reconsider this change.

BTW:  how big do the avatars really need to be? on my profile I can count each pixel!

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The option to revert to the previous layout would be very much appreciated. Thank you smiley

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For those that do not like the new layout, an advantage is that it is mostly CSS driven (for the web programmers/designers out there), so it is possible to tweak a lot of that stuff. Most modern browsers support custom style sheets per website, which means you could remove a lot of the whitespace and essentially create your own look and feel.


While it's not vBulletin, I personally think it was time for a change and look forward to the new things that will be possible.


In other words, someone could create a custom skin and not need head-fi's approval, and you could use that instead.

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Me too i dont like the new layout at all.

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Would have to agree with the comments re the background colour it does feel a little cold.

Also agree with the comment about the Last Page button going missing (it was a handy tool in posts with 100+ pages on a hot topic) 

but overall not a bad change keep up the good work guys.

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I tried looking at the stylesheet, and found this: http://www.head-fi.org/mini/1273146277/commoncss.css


Slightly beyond my level, I'm afraid!   Anyone volunteering to find a way to reclaim 1/3 of our screens?

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I agree. The main forum page font is huge. Also, the individual threads are quite large too.


Forget about browsing this site with a netbook.

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The Avatars could be half of the current size - it will help to save about 3 lines of every post.

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I'm good with the new design. Well except the font for posts seems a bit too big.

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Can't even jump to the last page on a multi-page thread anymore from the front page.. have to click it, see the OP, then choose the last page.. hate the new design!

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Originally Posted by mark2410 View Post

i dont care about the colour and i can live with the layout but what im arleady hating is it na longer displays the number of pages in a thread.  i dont give a flying fcuk what my last post in a thread was if it was if it was 2 months ago.  i want to go to the last fcuking page!!



I'm glad I'm not the only one who doesn't like this..vBulletin is great. I'm sure alot of work has gone into this change and all respect due to Jude et all but..I'm just not liking it..old head-fi was so great to use.

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Originally Posted by Punnisher View Post
Forget about browsing this site with a netbook.

100% agree.


I'm browsing Head-Fi on my desktop monitor (20") and since my browser window is not maximized everything seems really cramped.  It's going to be a real pain on smaller screens.



I'm glad I'm not the only one who doesn't like this..vBulletin is great.


I don't think the old layout was specific to vBulletin.  The new system (Huddler.com) hosts forum websites that look a lot like the old layout.  So it's really just a question of choosing a different layout.

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I Also don't like the new design at all,the original one was way better and felt more intimate and not all white. My biggest problem so far is that it is sluggish and heavy.I surf headfi using my iPod touch most of the time and now it is very sluggish and take considerably more load time. Honestly,if Jude can reverse to the old one again,it would be very much appreciated,this one is worse.
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Originally Posted by skysoul View Post


kind of forcing the user to go away quicky from the site.

fully agreed!


and I like to enforce my own colors/fonts in IE to avoid the white background of most websites..and the buttons are not visible anymore on the new forum when I do that, doh!


I heard there's life outside head-fi, time to try that.

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This new design has a cleaner and softer look.  Has my avatar been resampled to a lower resolution or do I need a higher resolution one ?  Actually it looks fine !

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