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SOLD 07-09-01: Cassette Divestiture

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Now that we no longer have any cassette players in our automobiles I no longer have a need for any of my cassette players/recorders. If you have any interest in making quality cassette recodings I have a great NAD 6100 listed on eBay. I also have a nice Sony Cassette Walkman for the walkman collectors. If you are really interested I would prefer to sell to headwizers(fiers) so email me if you are interested.
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Agh! Morph, I didn't realize you had a "buy it now" sale... I just went to the auction to place a bid and it had been sold... I so wanted that thing
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Noooooooo and I actually have a use for a good tape deck... oh well
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I didn't realize there would be as much interest. I actually posted an ad back on headwize a while ago and nobody seemed interested. So I had to get it out of the den before the wife moved me out of the den . But if you are really interested in a good cassette deck I can heartily recommend the NAD. It has worked flawlessly for over 10 years. I consider that really remarkable for a device with as many mechanical parts as a cassette deck.
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Hey guys, still looking for a good tape deck?

I'm selling one...
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