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I am selling my beautiful -- and beautiful sounding -- Cary cad-300 sei single-ended, integrated, 300B tube amplifier. This is an early version in 100% original condition with chrome chassis, black faceplate, original + upgraded NOS Philips JAN 6SN7WGTA input tubes, and Cetron 300B power output tubes. The amp is in exceptional condition.

The amp has been used only rarely since I purchased it. Conservatively, it's got about 100 hours on it, a portion of which was to power Vandersteen 1Cs in a second system, the remainder to drive Grado RS1 and Sennheiser HD650s in my office headphone rig. In addition to being an outstanding amplifier for driving speakers, the Cary is amongst the best headphone amps available. A switch on top shuts down output to speaker terminals and directs output to the headphone jack on the front.

If you are looking for sweet highs, intoxicating mids and authoritative bass, this single-ended amp will deliver it.

Please check out Cary’s site for reviews of the amp.

Comes with original box, manual, tube biasing lead, upgraded 6SN7WGTA and original 6SN7 input tubes (both with very low hours). Will double box for safe transport.

Asking $1995 shipped, insured and paypal'ed.