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For sale Woo audio WA5-LE 300b headphone amp.  

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WA5 Lite Edition ((WA5-LE) 300B Single-ended Triode Class-A Headphone Amplifier
Output Transformer Coupled with Premimum parts upgrade package.
Please check out my auction page on Audiogon.
AudiogoN ForSale: Woo audio WA5-LE.
Thanks for looking!
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Are you selling through a-gon only? Or will you cancel your auction if your able to make a deal with a fellow Head-Fi'er?

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I could do that. The lowest price would be $2400 + shipping. If you are interested and would like different tubes we should talk,

Thanks for your interest!

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So this amp has the 1100$ parts upgrade but not the teflon sockets or tubes upgrades, just to be sure?

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The amp does not have the teflon sockets. I am not selling the amp with the original tubes. They just are not that good. The tubes that are in the Audiogon auction are better. I have MANY tubes for this amp. If you want other tubes, I would subtract the price of the current tubes and let you know how much premium tubes would be.


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Is your amp still available?



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