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these aren't going to sound much different than a pair of foam modded HD555's, if you're happy with the sound now, these should sound VERY similar.... a better sound card could improve both the HD555 and PC360, but i dont think the PC360 will sound any worse than what you have now.

Originally Posted by Anecdote View Post

Hanni, how do you find them in music? Cause im going to get PC-360s aswell, but I am not sure i will buy a soundcard.

And if I do, ive got told that the PC-360s work better with a VIRTUAL surround sound for games, and only one I've managed to find is outer soundcards, wich are USB ported.

So if i get the PC-360s, what sort of sound card should i get? I game, listen music and watch movies. And + side would be card being quite cheap (cost range of 60-80 USD).

Atm I am running HD555s, with no soundcard at all. 

Please give this noobie guideance. " class="bbcode_smiley" height="" src="http://files.head-fi.org/images/smilies//smily_headphones1.gif" title=":)" width="" />

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What cable are u using for the mic and headset? Mod looks good! I could go with something like that.

Sorry for the late reply.  I lost track of this thread in my various subscriptions...

Here is the parts list that I posted over at AVSforum last year:


K702 Mic Mod Parts List

Ordered from Markertek (go here for the public wishlist if you care to order from Markertek):
Neutrik NYS240BG 3.5mm Cable Jack Black Metal Handle and Gold Contacts
Neutrik NYS231BG 3.5MM TRS Plug Black/Gold
Neutrik RT3FC-B REAN TINY 3-Pole Female Black/Gold XLR Cable Connector
Neutrik NYS226BG 3.5mm Mono - Black/Gold
Mogami W2893 4 Conductor 26awg Miniature Quad High Definition Mic Cable Black
Switchcraft 35HDRABAU 3.5mm / 1/8in Mini Right Angle Stereo Plug - Black Handle

Ordered from Cousin's Video:
Califone HBM319 headset mic

- Heat shrink in various sizes 1/8" - 1/2" (you can get a variety pack at Radio Shack that should give you what you need)
- Soldering iron - a cheap 25W Radio Shack one worked well for me
- Solder - I used 60/40 rosin core .032" diameter

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Hi I am new at this forum (found it googling ) and also i don't know much about HIFI (i know some electronics Im Electron Eng) , I am looking for a closed ear (earcup bigger that eas i mean..) gamming hadphone (HP) to play FPS MP (TeamSpeak ), watch some Movies and listen some pop rock indie, that has some decent mic but until  now I haven't found it, I bought a creative headset (never again), then a Steelseries siberia: with clip on mic I have to nearly eat it to work (sounds to low) it btw using a creative xtremegammer soundcard, also the sound wasnt really good my old cheap Philips SBC HP200 sounded better to me.


I've read all the thread and my questions would seem repetitive sry but I am still hinking about my puchase, sisnce I failed so many times buying HP.


the K702 mic mod looks great, does this mic need amplification? Or is good to go directly to soundcard?


I am about to buy this 360 Game,cause I read that 350 Game sounds bad cause its closed ? Why a closed HP can't sound good? I would prefer  some sound isolation ... 


Forgive me about my English it isn’t my mother tongue, and forgive me if I double posted cause I posted but I don't see my supposedly posted post. is the forum moderated and it takes time to get accepted?


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