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Feedback will be in here.

Just completed my first sale though...yay! i like to think it went pretty smoothly
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Just bought a PICO SLIM from Chase here... I was first view on the post and we finished the deal in... 5 minutes? Haha, excellent guy here and shipping same day for me! Highly recommended, and just made a new friend on headfi . Gotta say for his first sale - excellent and smooth transaction!
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I bought an Audio GD DAC19 from Chase and I swear he shipped it by rocket ship or something. It was packaged very well and sounds great, communication was excellent. I have no problem recommending him to anyone here, I would definitely do business again. A++

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Chase and i traded iems - my M-audios (nicer 10 pros) for his MTPCs. communication was excellent throughout the process and everything was as described and went smoothly. he was a pleasure to work with and i'd be happy to do so again. thanks Chase!

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