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Best Music Video

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So, I know that we don't talk about visual awesomeness on this website very much, I did a quick search and haven't found a post about peoples favorite music + video, music videos.

I'm talking bout really good videos that fit very well with the song. Not just a song your like or a video you like it hast to be both.

here is mine: Land of Talk - It's Okay.
YouTube - Land Of Talk - It's Okay
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YouTube - Insane Clown Posse - Miracles
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Vintage - Herbie Hancock - Rock It (Scares the crap out of me!!)
Modern - Professor Green - I need you tonight

( The girl, the style and the narrative are as catchy and as addictive as the tune)

There are se many though Massive Attack springs to mind...
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Michael Jackson - Smooth Criminal. Visionary, beautifully executed. Still fun to watch.
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please don't hurt me. :P

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"Take On Me" - A Ha


Love the reference to the movie "Altered States"!



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"Fish Fight" - King Khan & BBQ Show. Truly important work here people. indecision


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Some more masterstrokes, this time from The Bicycles:



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