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...you calling me names was a figure of speech...

No problems -"multitasking"  plus not being native English speaker may produce awkward response from my part sometimes.

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I'll suggest that there is a practical way to ABX double blind test DSD versus PCM audio.


At least, if one starts with the assumption that if DSD audio at sufficient sample rate is superior, and that a PCM ADC/DAC loop would degrade or otherwise affect the sound audibly.


At least one commercial ABX switch box is available with line level and amplified level switching.  It would be trivial; given the resources to purchase, rent, or borrow such a switch box; to test a DSD file output to a DSD DAC, and ABX compare with and without the PCM ADC/DAC loop.


If a difference is clearly audible, this would unequivocally demonstrate so.

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Are you only saying that native DSD DAC are an improvement or are dacs that accept DSD via. DoP included as well? There are reasonably (~$400) native DACs and sub $200 dsd via dop DACs available.
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I was going to try and recover this thread by moving the DSD discussion out of it, but since it goes back well into last year, it is simpler to re-open the thread. It is beyond being able to do.

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