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If one collects any items, it's either healthy or not. Dying with regret after you lost your family because they couldn't handle your collection might be unhealthy. Having room and money to collect, like Jay Leno and his cars, is healthy to some and sick to others.
Back in the day I used to have so many tape cases in my truck that it caused tension with my girlfriend because she had to share space with them. She kicked them a few times but I needed them at hand.
I know a guy with a quoted 13000 albums. He likes the Dead, metal and classic rock. I ask him if he has any JJ Cale and he's never heard of him. I was astounded.
I find that I buy a lot of albums to maybe sell them at some time in the future. But I'm realistic and my music is usually a keeper for me or a keeper for future sale. Just those albums that are hard to find and someday somebody might pay good money for it. If we all collect then prices will go up. Nothing wrong with that.