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RE0, hands down

I wouldn't recommend PL30 for classical. They have no advantage over RE0 either, unless the adjustable bass suits your fancy.
I've never heard PL50.
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Originally Posted by audiofil View Post
RE-0 is my first choice and Soundmagic PL50 a strong 2nd.
Both are very good. RE-0 is very accurate and fast, while PL50 is a more romantic sounding IEM.

PL30 is a very nice choice on a budget, but I wouldn't put timbre amongst it's qualities.
PL30 have really recessed upper-mids which lead to a somewhat weird tonality.
I don't know how you produce this FR-graphs, but my ears tell me that the PL30 sound noticably more true-to-life with classical than the PL50 (BTW I have not even once tried the bass knob). The PL50 are even more mid-centric, quite thick sounding and lack air, plus their upper mids/lower treble have some "metallic" coloring that makes piano sound like someone added 10% of cembalo to the mix. Don't get me wrong, I like the PL50 with most genres and think they are great bang/buck, but I wouldn't recommend them for classical.

Regarding the RE0, I know they have a lot of followers, but their narrow soundstage (only second worst to the SE115, among those I've heard) is IMO a big letdown, at least with orchestra. Plus, the one I auditioned sounded rather squeakish with violin, but I acknowledge that others reported theirs sound great.

Bottom line, I believe classical doesn't get much better than with the PL30 unless you're willing to EQ and/or spend considerably more.
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Ok, thanks for the feedback. Im now down to either the PL30's (mainly for their price and Im not a big fan of the over the ear PL50 style) and the JVC FXC80 that two other people commented on. So it's down to these two, sorry to dissapoint RE0 fans, but im not into narrow sounstages. I kinda like my music to be wide, as if I was conducting the music (as I am a conductor). Any further opinions discussing these two IEMs?
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^ I'm afraid the PL30 are the same over-ear style as the PL50.
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