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North Carolina Head-Fiers!

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Hey I'm new to this site and wanted to introduce myself as well as see what kind of groups we can get together in NC! I'm in Raleigh and would love to set up some small get-togethers! So if you live in NC and are interested in some mini-meets to talk about gear/share music/whatever, say hey!
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bump, anyone at all?
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Welcome to our world. The 2nd annual Carolina CanFest is being held this August 14th in Charlotte. The one last year had about 150 in attendance including Joe Grado who presented at the last one. More information is at:


Let me know if I can be of any further assistance.
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Yeah, I read about that, gonna be there for sure! I was just checking if there was anyone who wanted to do like small meets or what not
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Occasionally, small meets do come up from time to time. I don't know of any scheduled at this time however.
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I'm in the Raleigh area and wouldn't mind a mini meet.
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I'd be in for a mini meet.

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i'd be down for a min-meet as well.

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Nice, looks like we have a pretty good group! I'm new to this whole thing, so does anyone have a house/apartment to meet at or would we be doing the whole hotel/city center thing?

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If its just six or seven people, house/apartment seems like it would do.

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A house meet works great, I've done it. all you need is a place to set up, Like a dinning room table and a few exertion cords to pull electricity from different circuities so you don't overload any outlets. Have soda, water and after a few hours send out for pizza. It's  a perfect day. Great fun, I'm going to do it again in the fall. Had 4 at the last one, 10 want to come to the next., All I need to add is a couple tables. and a few  Pizzas. I look forward to it, it's a lot of fun. While we were listening to stuff  I had a James Taylor concert playing on the TV,. Wireless Senn RS-140 provided the sound. A good time was had by all.

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I agree, house meets are great! Fatcat hosted what I consider to be the best meet I have been to. With fewer people the noise level stays down so you can actually hear the gear you are listening to. I am interested but right now I am focused on Can-Jam. If you get a date post it and maybe some of us can attend. If you don't have a large enough (or clean enough) home I suggest checking with your public library. In my town the public library has small rooms available for public events that you can reserve. We've done loud dance party's in there complete with food and everything so a Head-Fi mini meet shouldn't be a problem.

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I will be there!! IM somewhat new to the audio/home theater world and love it!  love to meet some like minded folks.




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i was just wondering if the can fest is an annual thing?

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This is the 2nd annual CanFEST as we had one last year with about 150 in attendance. How long it will continue is anyone's guess. But so far, it has been successful enough to continue and seems to be growing at a nice pace as far as vendors and attendees. We're not trying to set any records but rather just have a venue for people along the eastern US to gravitate towards in an easily accessible city with a large airport. Charlotte seems to meet the criteria nicely. Also, attendees and vendors are coming from areas other then just the eastern US. This is a good sign.

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