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Headphones for jazz (for a beginner)

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Sorry to start another "which headphones do you recommend?" thread, but I haven't found one which related to my particular music interests.

So as the title says, I am looking for my first pair of good full-sized headphones mainly to listen to (acoustic) jazz from a CD player. Portability and noise-isolation are not issues as I will be using these in my room. I am looking to spend under $200 CDN but I could spend more if necessary.

I went to a local store and had the chance to try out some Grado, Sennheiser, and Denon headphones, but the environment was noisy so it was hard for me to get a good sense of each pair. I might go back and try to get a quiet place to listen and compare.

As for the issue of headphone amps, I'm a bit confused. From what I've read, it seems that for good headphones and something like an iPod an amp is a necessity, but how about a CD player?

I appreciate any help you can offer me.
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Try the AKG K-271MKll, or used K-702 for around $200. Amp will help.
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If you don't have a decent amp, check out AD700/900 maybe?
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I second the k701/702, but you will need a good amp for it to get the most out of it. Maybe the dt880.
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try these maybe FS: Sennheiser 555 w/ 595 mod
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+1 for AD900
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For Jazz, try the Fischer Audio DBA-02's, Fischer Audio Silver Bullets, Sennheiser 555, Sennheiser HD600 and K-701/2. Some of these can be had new for under $200. Others can be purchased used for ~$200.00.
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I only spent a little time with the AD700 at a meet a few weeks back, but I was very impressed. Great pair of very reasonably-priced headphones, and I think they'd do terrifically with jazz.
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For me its K271 MKII. An amp does indeed help.
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Thanks for all your suggestions. I am presently investigating my options although I am attracted to the price of the AD700s on Amazon ($90 US).
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are you worried about aesthetics? otherwise the sony pfr-v1 is absolutely something to recommend. They sound fantastically clear and after a while you won't even notice you are wearing them. It also comes with an amp so you don't have to worry about that (atleast in the beginning). Can be had from this forum for 160 euro, and in the us you can buy them for around 200 dollar (i think).

I really think these headphones work well with jazz. (listen to bebop and other acoustical jazz).
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I'v got the AKG K171 MKII and they're pretty good. I should imagine that the larger K271's would be good.
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Another jazz fiend! Right now I'm using the ESW10JPN. It's a wonderful can, but its well above your budget even if you can find one.

Since portability is not an issue, I'd second the recommendation for the HD600. The DT880 was nice, but can be a problem with bright recordings (most of the 50's,60's bop out there is kinda bright thanks to RVG and co.). I imagine the K701/2 would be good, but I've only listened to them briefly so I can't say much about them.

All the cans above would require decent amplification, so you need to factor that into your budget. A cheaper alternative would be a vintage receiver. I've heard some good sound from a HD600 mated to a bunch of pre-90's receivers.

If you'd like to go unamped then the AD700/900 might be good choices. But I haven't heard them long enough to give you a proper account of these cans.

In any case try your best to audition these headphones. Its the best way to find out if they're what you want.
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If you don't mind used AKG K501 and the K401 and the older Kx00 is often recommended I'm using the K400 for jazz and think they are great, mind you though that I have never listened to any other cans than these and the Koss A130s.
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Owning some of the headphones mentioned above, I'd recommend you the HD600, even without an amp. They do have the ability to let especially older Jazz recordings shine. With them you'll be able to enjoy your music. With AD900 or K701 for example the joy of listening will more often become a dissection of the music.

I wouldn't recommend the AD700 also, because he acts slightly to undifferentiated compared to the HD600 while its soundstage is artificially huge.

So you'll have to decide between the joy or the dissection of listening Jazz.

My advice: get the HD600
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