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Sleek Audio Replacement Cables Have Bad QC?

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Last November, I bought my pair of SA6 (2009 edition) with the new cable. But within a month or so of regular use, the cable end that goes to the earphones starts to tear, and the exposed wires become visible on both L and R.

So I just sent Sleek Audio an email, and asked for a replacement. They told me to ship it in, and they'll send the replacement ASAP. Kudos to Sleek Audio for their customer service, btw.

But the replacement cable I received had the exact same issue I was having on the ones I sent in: the L cable was exposed at the plug!

I decided to live with it, and when it got really bad in a few months, I decided to just order a new pair of replacement cables from B&H recently. Surely, these can't be as bad, right?

Nope. Exact same issue, also on the left cable:

If I have to pay ~$20 every 2 months or so, doesn't it defeat the purpose of replaceable cables? Even though I like the sound of the SA6, I'm highly inclined to sell them at the moment for something more durable...

The only pair of good cables I've seen are on the pair that I bought off these forums for my girlfriend. They are still good, and don't have the rubber tearing issue. Does Sleek Audio just have bad Quality Check?
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I decided to just order a new pair of replacement cables from B&H recently
are you sure they were the "revisited" edition of the cable ?

this is the 2009:

this is the 2010
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Hm... in that case, I got the 2009 version from B&H. I didn't know there was a 2010 version. I guess I should contact B&H and ask if they have the 2010 one, and also ask for a replacement while I'm at it.

Edit: Upon checking Sleek Audio's website, their picture of the SA1 replacement cable has that style of mini-plug, whereas their picture for the SA6 replacement cable is the first revision cable. I guess they need to update their photos?
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Before ordering any cables you need to email us at

We'll be happy to replace the cable for you under warranty.

Also, yes. The picture is out dated. I'll get on our director of marketing about it right now haha.
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So do I get the 2010 version by sending in the 2009 version in the picture I posted? Do I just email
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Yup, just send an email to info and we'll make sure you get a new cable.
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Andrew, my 2nd SA6 cable died after one year of normal use. Is it possible that you send me another replacement cable for free? I like the sound quality from SA6 and am grateful that you guys sent me the 2nd cable for free.


I do not abuse my earphone (none of my other earphone cables had this problem) but I will take EEEEEExtra care next time with SA6.

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