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My vote goes to a refurbished 2nd gen iPod touch - 40 hours of music, and good enough for a movie or two on a flight (not that I'd try to watch 2 movies in a row on that size screen, but the screen is surprisingly big). UI and music app are fairly competent with the exception of an EQ.

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The OP has already ordered a Teclast X19+. If it is anywhere close to the Teclast T51 when it comes to SQ, it might be good.

And is iPod Touch a good choice for music?  devil

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Ignoring any possible sarcasm from that, it has a low noise floor and good channel separation, as well as lots of apps. Did you say something about music?


Sorry about that OP, didn't see you already ordered the Teclast. I hope you enjoy it, if it's like the T51 you can't go wrong for SQ.

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Hehe... It was just a joke.     Admittedly only having heard iPod a little bit, I can agree on the channel separation statement. However the sound signature isn't really to my liking and the absence of a custom EQ prevents me from getting an iPod. However, to each his own...






The OP has already ordered a Teclast X19+.

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Hey, I've got my clip for "serious" listening. The touch is just a great PMP.


I knew it was sarcasm .

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It would be nice to have a Clip. I am sure it kicks my View to the curb when it comes to SQ. But as I said, to each his own. I actually enjoy the View coupled with the Fiio E5. If only SanDisk would release a View+ with the same audio chip as the Clip and Fuze and perhaps update some other hardware and also not drop firmware support less then a year after the player is released. Also if it would be rockbox-able.


Well well... One can always dream...

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Creative Zen 32 gig - 129 bucks on Amazon. I have one I bought last January because my Zen 4 gig ran out of room. I think the SQ is great. You should know that whatever you get, a good set of phones will give you good SQ. The players themselves might vary, but a cheap Philips with good quality phones will  probably sound better than most "high end" players with stock phones. Before anyone flames me, I did say "most," not all.

Oh didn't read page 2 before posting this, OOPS. Anyway I hope to hear the OPs review of the TelCast that he's getting and if it's battery life is any better.

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Hi all ... again :D. I've received my X19+ and having some problem with battery charging. Overall, the sound is lack of bass :(. I used it with a PL11. The player support a technology called WowHD. It would be a good boost for the SQ but whenever I turn it on, the sound sparkles. I don't know why, tried adjust everything but still not work well. Therefore I turn it off and just use the EQ.


Don't know if anyone is using a Teclast X19+ here. I really need some advice on battery charging. The problem is: the first time I charge the player, it turned on and play music smoothly (some Chinese songs). However, after the charger's light become green from red (which indicates successful charing I suppose :-s ), X19+ can not be turned on any more. I've asked the seller and he told me to reset the player by clicking a button in a small hole. Done and work again. However, on the second charge, the player show me some Chinese words and then stay like that during the charing. I cannot do anything except watching those words :-s. And then the light is green, I unplugged the mp3 and the Chinese words are still there. Don't know how to turn it off. (i dont know Chinese so I do not know what it said). So I reset the mp3 player gain and then ... I don't know how to turn this small player on up to now :( . Gonna ask for some advice by tomorrow or send for repair :(

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Good news: I've fixed it with the help of some guys from mp4nation :D. Overall, the sound lacks of bass. Will a Fiio help ?

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