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Need some advice for purchasing my 1st pmp

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After 2 days of research, now I'm even more confused on what to choose. And I really need some recommendations from you guys. Here is my need:

1. Music
2. Photo
3. Video
4. Todo list + Calendar
5. Long battery time
6. Not too pricey

7. Touch screen would be great but not really necessary
8. And oh, plz mention some issues that will affect during the using time (for example: cause eyesore because of reading in a small screen for a long time >.<)

I'm not too picky about the brand or other functions. Plz help me with my 1st pmp TT_TT.
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If you want long battery life check out some Cowon players. (Eg. The upcoming J3, D2+/D2, S9, etc)
Most of the biggest battery life I have ever seen in a portable player comes from Cowon...
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Well。。。ipod Touch is a good choice
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I second the Cowon suggestion. I've got a Cowon S9 and it can do most things you want a player to do.
I'm not too sure about points number 4 and 6, though. I do not recall there being a calendar in the original firmware, however the S9 can do flash applications and if you visit the iaudiophile or Anything but ipod websites you can download different flash applications. After I installed the 2.41 firmware which gave me gapless playback I am happy with how the player is and I do not need anything more so I am not familiar with what recent flash applications there may be...

You could get a S9, but if you need more space, you cannot do anything about it. The D2/D2+ can be expanded with SD cards and the upcoming J3 can be expanded with MicroSD cards.
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After using ipods for a long time, I felt that the change to the Cowon D2+ was a bit frustrating to say the least. I got used to the brilliant UI and effortless transfer of music via iTunes via ipod. When I sold my touch for some cash and got a D2+, though using media monkey wasnt bad at all, when I was using the player itself..I was quite annoyed. The touch screen was definitely not as responsive, finding songs took longer, and the screen is just way smaller than my touch (it was easier to see and choose songs with a larger screen).

I have to say that the music tonality differed between the two, but I wouldn't say that the D2+ clearly triumphed in touch in anyway. It might've been slightly better, but not enough to compensate for the UI differences. Perhaps it takes getting time used to, but I felt that the ipod was just much easier to use.

Battery life is excellent, however, on the D2+. Perhaps the S9 would be a melange of the Touch and the D2+, and it may be a better option. Yet there's no expandable SD Card slot, so make sure you know how much space you need!

D2 has too small of a screen to really read much, if that matters to you (saw a comment of yours). Firmware issues, hardware issues, customer support....apple is everywhere. I don't know how Cowon's support is, but apple is without a doubt ubiquitous...most of the time
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^ - ditto, don't worry about small variations in sound quality in PMPs too much either (at least, that's my philosophy). S9 isn't as intuitive as the iPod Touch but it has its charms and features, FLAC and skinning and all.
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Battery life (and perhaps more importantly, battery longevity) is pretty decent with my 3 year old Sony (NWZ-A818). Keep in mind that I use it pretty much everyday.

Just did a battery life test - it's rated at 33 hours playback when new - and got 39 hours playback time.
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@Hero and Danneq: J3, D2 and also S9's price is out of my reach T_T.However i could manage to get a 2nd hand D2 some how . Will think about Cowon D2.
@Panda: Ipod seem to be good but so popular that it does not attract me anymore >.>
@gknix: thanks for the info, I am rethinking about the ipod
@chongy5: I'm currently googling it !

In general, it seems that according to my budget, I cannot afford a very good pmp >.<. I'm thinking about iPod, Onda or Teclast because they have much lower price players. Anyway, thanks for your information ^^. Seems like I have to dig in by my own >.<
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Yeah, the price aspect might leave out the S9 and J3...

How about Creative? They are not very liked around here nowadays, but having used mp3-players since 2003, starting with a huge but very sweet Creative Nomad Jukebox 3, I have always had a soft spot for Creative. I still own and use my Creative Zen Touch and last year I bought a Zen Vision M with a broken HDD off Ebay and switched the HDD for a CF card. My wife has got a Creative Zen and I think it is an okay player. Soundwise it might not be top tier, but it is okay.

I am not familiar with the newer Creative players, but the Zen X-fi2 seems to be okay, and you can expand the memory. However I think that Creative still keeps the memory card content separate from the internal memory.

If you are willing to give up the calendar and have a not so good video performance, there is always the Sansa Fuze which seems to be the cat's meow around here. I own and like the older brother of Sansa Fuze - the View and I would be one of the few here who would recommend it. Not head fi, perhaps, but a damn underrated player with an admittedly not very good UI. Combined with the Fiio E5 the View sounds very smooth to me.

Teclast seems to be popular around here, Onda I don't know much about. I thought that iPod were more expensive than many other brands. You could include Creative, or at least look up their newer players. Since it is your first PMP, it doesn't need to be the ultimate player.
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Thank you for your information, Danneq. I am still trying to decide what to buy : )
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1st pmp?

You have plenty of choices.I do not know what is your location.If you want
pmp with organizer,there is very good one - Creative ZenMX,very cheap,cause it is old model,new models ZenXFi also have organizer and it makes sense,it comes even with password to protect your data.However - screen is a bit small for photos and videos.Korean pmps are expensive,D2 screen is to small for video and photo.
Cowon makes very nice pmp:"V5" - not cheap!If Samsung is present in your location;then try to see two models:"YP-R0" and "YP-CP3".I think they are perfect mp4.Price is around 100US$ - 8G/16G with memory slot;controls are traditional - non touch,very well thought.Somebody here posted description with pics of YP-R0,couple of weeks ago.CP3 is more modest design,with bigger display(3inch) and more suitable for videos,but it is so compact,that you can use it out of your shirt pocket,it is slim.
Creative and Samsung have good playing time.SQ is very good,but can not satisfy people who look for the best(audiophiles) - simply because there are pmps on the market with better sound and short playing time or high price.
Do not be tempted by chinese pmps - Ainol,Ramos,Teclast etc - they all
suffer from poor battery life,but offer excellent video.
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Originally Posted by sashava View Post
Korean pmps are expensive,D2 screen is to small for video and photo.
I disagree. Sure it's not perfect for watching videos (especially with more than one person at a time) but I find it more than adequate for portable video viewing. It's a similar sized screen to an iPod Nano, which I know plenty of people watch videos on quite happily. Sure a player with a bigger screen is better and perhaps more enjoyable for watching videos/photos but this doesn't mean the D2/D2+ is incapable.
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@HeroKid - today it is more matter of choice,opportunities are ample.Why to watch videos
on post-stamp screen,if Ainol happily sells you pmp with gorgeous 6inch screen for 100bucks?Those old generation IpodNano users practiced happily - sado-masochism.
The latest one is usable(with one eye).For short video clips post-stamp format is OK;
it is great for menus and music lists,video and photos are secondary application.
When you are 17 - you do not think about it,but 2 decades later - you will see,that your Mom was right nagging about it.
IpodNano screen is so small because of simple reason:they have to accomodate famous Apple's clicking wheel interface together with display.
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Hi, just so you know, I've ordered a Teclast X19+, a mp3 players which claims to play 70hrs of continuous music and a 4GB storage. SQ, as I've read some review, is not bad either.And I need to run everyday with it so a DAC seems to be better than a PMP. That's all, thanks for all of your advice
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Wouldn't the Samsung P3 be a good choice as well? I mean it even supports FLAC so you don't have to convert your collection.

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